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The Guardian

'The small but visionary Centre for Separated Families... is the only organisation of its kind in Britain. Unlike other agencies that step in when a family splits up, the centre refuses, as its website puts it, "to mirror the behaviour of many separating parents by taking sides". It insists that both mother and father are of equal importance in their children's lives, and has developed services to support all parents as they struggle, in often agonising circumstances, to do their best by the kids.'

Equality and Human Rights Commission

'Stereotyping about parental roles can mean that men's different needs and experiences are overlooked when support services are designed. The Centre [for Separated Families] worked with Oxfam to look at their own structures as well as the different needs of men and women using their services. The results of the analysis were used to make a number of changes. Benefits to the Centre included better take-up of services by men (from 2% to 19%), identifying the legal barriers to men taking caring responsibilities, and understanding the specific needs of young fathers.'

[Equal Opportunities Commission – Examples of Good Practice to accompany the introduction of the Gender Equality Duty]


Child Maintenance Commission

'Because the Centre has been working for some time to support co-operative and collaborative parenting post separation, their knowledge, experience and expertise is invaluable to Child Maintenance Options.'

Fatherhood Institute

'More than 40 heads of charities and leading academics specialising in family care today publish an unprecedented call on the Government to transform support for separated families... In Britain, the new Centre for Separated Families is already pioneering many of the services that the statement’s signatories would like to see rolled out throughout the UK.'



'Oxfam addresses the distinct needs of women – and men – in every aspect of our work. Oxfam has worked with the Centre for Separated Families (CSF) since 1999. With our support, CSF has changed its approach to make its services accessible to men as well as women. “I went along hoping I might learn something about being a dad to a stroppy teenage daughter, and I did!” says Clive, “Dads talked about how it can be difficult when daughters get to puberty and mums talked about being on their own with teenage boys and we all sort of learned from each other. I really got a lot out of that.”'