Some things other parents have felt...

Jill, mother of three, two weeks after separation says:

‘The world has shattered into a thousand pieces and everything that I trusted about life has fallen apart. Not only that, but the person who is making life this bad is the person who always made my life better. I don’t know which way to turn.’


Predeep is a father who has the majority care of his two boys:
'I seem to be, you know, a mother, a father, a cleaner, a cook, a taxi driver and also somebody who's trying very, very hard to bring some income in.' Listen here>>
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Takeisha, a mother of one, describes her life two years after her separation:

'Well it isn’t exactly what I planned when I had Duane, but I’ve got things sorted out now. You know, it hurts, but it gets better.’

Donna talks about how she and her ex partner have worked together for the wellbeing of her son :
'As years have gone on, we've become a lot more friendly and we go to parents evening and stuff together.' Listen here>>
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Matt, father of two, a month after separation describes the shock he experienced:

‘I never expected our marriage to end. I certainly didn’t expect to be looking after the girls on my own! I just felt like a bus had run me over. I mean it just came out of the blue.’

Mark has the minority day-to-day care of his children:
Here, he talks about how he and the mothers of his two children have managed to put the needs of their children first. He has a very practical approach. Listen here>>
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