Successful negotiations - strategies for making agreements

Reaching agreements after divorce or separation isn't always easy. Parents who are separating are often dealing with difficult emotions and these can get in the way of successful negotiations. It can be difficult to know where to start or even be sure whether it will be possible to reach an agreement.


It's likely that there will be a number of issues that you want to sort out and it can easily begin to feel very complicated. However, if you are able to approach your negotiations in a structured way, you will be in a good position to make your discussions positive and successful.


The Negotiations Cycle tool breaks your negotiations down into four stages to help you prepare, discuss, propose and reach agreement. It will get you thinking about what you want to agree, what your negotiations might feel like and how you will propose and record your agreements. It will also help you to think about what you will do if your agreements breaks down.


Try to stay positive and focussed on what will work best for your children. Try to focus on future solutions rather than past problems, have realistic goals. Making notes as you work through the Cycle will help you focus.


Download our Negotiations tool by clicking the download link.

Negotiations Tool
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