What people say about us...


With 40 years experience of working with family separation, the Centre for Separated Families is now the UK's leading developer of policy and practice in the field.

Cited as an example of best practice by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Centre is at the forefront of creating gender proofed policy approaches that are based on the real life experiences of mothers, fathers and children.

In 2008, the Centre was the major third sector provider of training, consultancy and material for the new Child Maintenance Options service. 


what people say...

'Because the Centre has been working for some time to support co-operative and collaborative parenting post separation, their knowledge, experience and expertise is invaluable to Child Maintenance Options.The Centre for Separated Families have been great partners, instrumental in designing training to our trainers and Child Maintenance Options staff to really help us to understand how we can deliver a service that lives up to our values of being accessible, empathic and empowering.'

Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission


'Oxfam addresses the distinct needs of women - and men - in every aspect of our work. Oxfam has worked with the Centre for Separated Families (CSF) since 1999. With our support, CSF has changed its approach to make its services accessible to men as well as women.'



‘Stereotyping about parental roles can mean that men's different needs and experiences are overlooked when support services are designed. The Centre [for Separated Families] worked with Oxfam to look at their own structures as well as the different needs of men and women using their services. The results of the analysis were used to make a number of changes. Benefits to the Centre included better take-up of services by men (from 2% to 19%), identifying the legal barriers to men taking caring responsibilities, and understanding the specific needs of young fathers.'

Equal Opportunities Commission - Examples of Good Practice to accompany the introduction of the Gender Equality Duty


‘So many people who are attempting to cope with family separation and conflict need help. The Centre for Separated Families offers a wide ranging, imaginative series of programmes, run by people who have just the right kind of experience.'

Professor Judy Dunn - London Institute of Psychiatry


‘Thank you for your training, delivered in a straightforward and easy to understand way. I know that my colleagues were impressed by your delivery and obvious understanding of what is an extremely difficult area to work in.'

District Judge Cliffe - Judicial Studies Board